Bondage equipment and restraints


BDSM is an erotic practice that has been around for centuries, that involves physical, psychological and usually sexual power-role-play and incorporates various sex toys such as bondage equipment and restraints . BDSM is split into 3 areas which includes bondage and discipline, dominance and submission and  sadism and masochism. Dating as far back as 2000 years, with The Kama Sutra, including chapters of Scratching, Biting and Reversing Roles, it is still showing to be highly popular with modern day culture, being brought to the masses with literature such as 50 shades of Grey. With nearly 47% of women and 60% of men having fantasies about dominating someone sexually, while slightly more women are aroused by the idea of being dominated. It is no surprise that bondage equipment is increasingly being add to any couples sex toy kit.




However the exploration of  bondage and everything that BDSM has to offer, can be a little daunting.

How much will I like? What should I start with?

The stereotypes of  whips and chains first come to mind, but on diving into this very versatile practice, I have found a variety of different toys and experiences that can suit any mood.



The BDSM starter kit helped me break my shackles and enter into the world of  painfully good pleasure.

The use of different items in this kits such as the soft petals and bondage rope stimulated my curiosity and enhanced my ultimate fantasy.

This has only sparked my interest further and with so many different items to play with, its pleasure without restraint


Love Jessica XX


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