Utensil Race World Class Masturbators

Utensil Race MastrubatorsUtensil Race are generally regarded as one of the top producers of erotic masturbators. Based in Japan, Utensil Race focus on the best technology to give you the most pleasure you’ll get from a Masturbator. After all, the Japanese are known for their cutting-edge technology, why not apply that to erotic toys?

Maybe it is Utensil Race’s Dual Layer technology, bringing the super soft skin feel on the outside, and that super satisfying internal texture that makes most of their masturbators life like. Maybe it’s the research put into every sleeve’s tunnel, making the shape, bumps and vacuums at the exact right point for maximum pleasure. Or maybe its the years of experience making erotic toys. Whatever it is, these products can provide the best quality masturbating experience!

As ever, PYNKS prides itself on bringing you an exquisite selection of Utensil Race Erotic Toys at prices that can’t be beaten (no pun intended). Check the range out here.

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